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#MyPalaceSource Is Meghan Markle’s Fans Way Of Calling Out Haters

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Kensington Palace has issued a very brief denial of the rumours of a rift between Kate and Meghan...

Another weekend, another slew of allegations about the ‘rift’ between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The rumours, in no particular order, were that the two had fallen out, that an aide had to quit because of Meghan’s demands on her (including sending emails at 5am), that a fitting for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress ended in tears - the adult, Kate Middleton kind - and that the tensions began last Christmas.

Another rumour went that the Cambridges were going to spend Christmas with Kate’s parents rather than Wills’s family, so as to avoid Meghan, and Harry, who’s become increasing ‘dictatorial’ about having the red carpet rolled out for his new wife and mother-to-be of his first child. And, to add to this, Harry and Meghan’s long-term move out of Kensington Palace, to Frogmore Hall on the Windsor Estate, was slated by some to be due to be thanks to the arguments between Meghan and Kate!

However, though another rumour goes that Kensington Palace is desperately hunting for the mole who has leaked all manner of information to the press, the palace has issued a rare yet pithy denial. When asked for comment on the allegation that the whole tense nearly year-long argument between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex began when Meghan spoke rudely to one of Kate's staff and Kate had a go at her for it, Kensington Palace simply told The Sun: ‘This never happened.’

It’s easy to wonder why the palace would comment on a news story - doesn’t a denial just make the original story seem so much more valid? Perhaps, though, things really are straightforward, and the rumors are all a bunch of nonsense.

After all, footage filmed during Kate Middleton’s trip to Leicester seems to prove Kate is properly into Meghan and Harry’s new baby already. When asked if she was excited about Meghan and Harry’s new arrival, she replied: ’Yeah absolutely, no it’s such a special time to have yeah, all the kiddies and to have a cousin for George and Charlotte as well and Louis so it’ll be really, really special’.

Fed up of all the rumours coming from palace sources, eager royal-watchers, who are keen to see harmony in the royal household (because if you’re in the market for dynasties full of deliberate tussles and negative drama then why not just be into the Kardashians instead?) and/or are fed up by the way Meghan’s nearly immediately been cast as the Yoko of the royals, destined to drive a wedge between the ever-so-close William and Harry, are using the hashtag #MyPalaceSource to make up the most ridiculous stories about the royals.

Here are some of our faves: