Meghan Markle's New Earrings Were A Gift From Our Feminist Hero

Meghan Markle's New Earrings Were A Gift From Our Feminist Hero

    By Katie Rosseinsky Posted on 30 Oct 2018

    Such is the power of the ‘Meghan effect’ that whenever the Duchess of Sussex debuts a new piece of jewellery, it prompts a flurry of excitement online: royal fans and fashion bloggers seek to discover the provenance of this ‘UFO’ (not an alien, but an acronym for ‘Unidentified Fashion Object,’ as those heavily versed in hunting down Meghan’s fashion choices online will already know). Remember the flurry of headlines when the Duchess sported a pair of Princess Diana’s feather earrings, shortly after officially announcing her pregnancy? Exactly. Now, on the final leg of her and Prince Harry’s marathon tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, Meghan has been photographed wearing another very special pair of earrings two days on the run - and they’re a gift from one of the most inspiring women in international politics right now.

    The Duchess and Duke attend an event with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern | © Getty Images

    The simple studs have been identified as the ‘Discologo’ style from New Zealand-based musician and jewellery designer Boh Runga. According to Royal Central, they were given to the Duchess by New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who has been spending a lot of time with the Sussexes since they touched down in Wellington on Monday morning. You might know Jacinda for her progressive policies on women’s rights and childcare, or for the time she made history by bringing her baby daughter, Neve (or as we like to refer to her, the ‘First Baby’) into the UN Assembly, or for the fact that she’s been very vocal about how she’ll share childcare duties with partner Clarke Gayford while continuing to fulfill her political duties. All in, she’s pretty impressive - and given her feminist credentials, we can only imagine that she and Meghan have had plenty to talk about.

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    The design also has a special significance: the ‘Discologo’ style features a modern interpretation of the Huia feather, a revered treasure for the Maori which also symbolises leadership.

    Can Meghan and Jacinda head out on a speaking tour already, please?

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