Meghan Markle's Pet Dog Has Inspired A New Children's Book

Meghan Markle's Pet Dog Has Inspired A New Children's Book

By Katie Rosseinsky Posted on 11 Sep 2018

Another day, another tell-all account promising to shed light on what really goes on behind palace doors. This time, though, the latest royal ‘exposé’ is a little different, and certainly more benign - because Meghan Markle’s rescue dog Guy has ‘written’ an account of the ‘wags to riches’ ascent that’s seen him go from the Kentucky woods to a rescue centre in Toronto to Kensington Palace.

Aimed at children and created by Camille March and Mike Brumm, His Royal Dogness, Guy The Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story Of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog will be published in November. According to its publishers, Simon & Schuster, it’s a story of ‘finding acceptance within a remarkable family.’

‘Like all good stories, Guy the Beagle’s begins lost in the woods of Kentucky,’ the publishers’ synopsis begins. ‘But his fortunes change when he’s rescued by none other than Princess… er, Duchess to be Meghan Markle. Practically overnight, Guy goes from wags to riches. But does this backwoods beagle have what it takes to be welcomed into the royal family?’

This is not the first time that a royal dog has been immortalised in children’s book form: back in 2014, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge‘s black cocker spaniel, Lupo, became the subject of a series titled Adventures of a Royal Dog, while the Queen’s corgis have also featured in a number of (unofficial) stories.

What adventures could possibly fill this 48 page illustrated tome? According to People magazine, one particular plot line will see Guy eating half of Prince Charles’ Cornish Yarg sandwich (Yarg being a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that’s a regional speciality of Cornwall). We can only imagine that some of the following episodes might also feature…

Bidding farewell to Bogart

Let’s take a moment for Bogart, the dog that was left behind. While Guy joined Meghan to start a new life across the Atlantic, Labrador-shepherd cross Bogart stayed behind in Toronto. The farewell scenes must have been emotional.

Meeting the corgis

The corgis (and dorgis) are notoriously hard to win over (unless you’re part-time dog whisperer Meghan Markle, who they reportedly took to ‘instantly’), so we’re guessing that Guy had to turn on a major charm offensive in order to gain the trust of this canine clique.

Hanging out with Prince George

Surely the best thing about living at Kensington Palace is the preponderance of royal neighbours, namely Prince George of Cambridge?

The infamous car journey with Her Majesty

Oh, to be a fly on the Range Rover window during Guy and the Queen’s pre-wedding ride to Windsor Castle…

The royal wedding: a dog’s eye view

Who better to give an insider’s perspective on the most anticipated event of the year than Meghan’s beloved pet?

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