Mean Girls Was Meant To Star James Franco, And Other Revelations

Daniel Franzese, who captured our hearts with his sassy lines, now gives us the low-down on some Mean Girls secrets...


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Daniel Franzese, who played ‘too gay to function’ Damian in Mean Girls, has done an interview ten years on from the seminal film’s release date to commemorate the seismic anniversary in a way other than simply reminding us of how old we are. And he made some pretty huge revelations to Cosmopolitan.

Here are our favourites:

1. Aaron Samuels was going to be played by James Franco

‘Lindsay [Lohan, duh] recently told me that… James Franco was considered for the role of Aaron Samuels. I thought that was so cool.’ We’re sure that would have given James and Lindsay a firmer friendship than the one they currently have (he recently accused her of lying about sleeping with him in that notorious list).

2. There were cliques on set, and Lindsay wasn’t in the cool one

‘Amanda [Seyfried] was 17 and so was Lindsay. Lindsay and I get along way better now as adults than we did when she was a kid; back then I just felt like, “Oh here’s this kid,” you know? I actually didn’t know who she was — to me she wasn’t really on the grid yet, except for that whole Aaron Carter thing.’

3. There was loads of improvisation

‘I can’t speak for everybody, but Lizzy [Caplan, Janice Ian] and I had a lot of freedom. Most of our scenes were together, and we would sit around and come up with the ideas for how we were going to act out stuff. It was a lot of fun.’

4. A smoking scene was cut

‘I was smoking a cigarette when we were walking across the field to go sit on like the grass. Cady says to Damian, “You know, you really shouldn’t smoke,” and Damian goes, “But it keeps me thin.” It was so painful to let that line go, but Mark [Waters, the director of Mean Girls] doesn’t like his actors smoking in movies, which is admirable.’

5. There was an alternate ending

‘Kevin G gets busted by Miss Norbury for selling ecstasy, so when they call her a “drug pusher", she actually has drugs in her desk [because] she took them away from Kevin G.’

Interesting… But we think we’ll stick with the totally grool original.

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