Matthew Perry AND Matt LeBlanc Currently Working In The UK. Probably Buy Coffee From Pret

One third of Friends is living in our capital city right now. We're totally going to bump into them on the tube, right?

Matthew Perry AND Matt LeBlanc Currently Working In The UK. Probably Buy Coffee From Pret

by Alyss Bowen |
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If the announcement that Matt LeBlanc would be a new host of the British TV show, Top Gear, today, we would probably assume it was an April Fool’s joke. Why on earth would* Friends* star, light of our lives, pizza-loving Joey (or Matt, whatever you want to call him) be making the move to the UK to participate in the show that the opinionated Piers Morgan used to host.

Then, it was announced that none other than Matthew Perry, aka sarcastic king Chandler Bing, would also be relocating overseas along with his co-star to be the lead his own play, The End of Longing. Oh, and FYI he's now going to be a British DJ too. It’s been revealed that Perry will be joining Magic FM to co-DJ a couple of Saturday shows. Now, this could be a massive April Fool joke, but upon further inspection it makes sense. He’s in London till May 14th, he’s doing his thing promoting his play and he’s been in the media* a lot* lately, so why not go ahead and get into radio too? That and he retweeted a Magic tweet, so unless he's in on the joke too we think it's for reals. Interested to hear what kind of music he listens to? Tune in at 1pm on Saturdays.

So this now means we have not one, but TWO of the stars in our presence. Walking down our streets, possibly getting on our tubes (although we reckon they use Uber and have stellar ratings) and drinking coffee from Pret – hands up if you agree Perry drinks his black and Matt is partial to a flat white? Stay forever and bring the rest of the Friends gang, guys, yeh? Reunion in London, yeh? We can dream.

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