Guess What Matt Damon Left In An English Pub?

Matt Damon

by Edwina Langley |
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It's not quite what you'd expect, a Hollywood A-lister to casually drop by your local on a Saturday night...

But that's what customers of Chequers Inn in Redbourn, Herts discovered last weekend when none other than Matt Damon walked in.

Accompanied by three friends, the Academy Award winner reportedly spent three hours in the establishment, working his way through four pints of Guinness, before heading off to Luton airport ahead of a flight aboard his private jet.

He had gone to the pub for a 'quiet' drink but was nonetheless very accomodating to fans once they realised who he was.

Speaking to The Herts Advertiser, pub manager Bob Morton said: 'All the guests just loved him. He was really, really good with everyone. He just wanted a quiet beer and not a busy boozer. That was fine until somebody recognised him!'

'He was a really nice guy,' the publican continued. 'Lots of people came up for photos and he didn’t mind one bit. He was an absolute gent.'

It is thought Matt was in the UK filming his new flick Downsizing, in which he is set to star alongside Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz and Neil Patrick Harris.

But the best part of the whole night for the pub staff in Herts? Discovering what Matt left behind...

Some autographs? Some pictures perhaps? Yes, lots of them. But also... a pretty hefty tip – $100 (or £70)!

We've always had Matt down as a pretty generous guy but that's going above and beyond. He's welcome in our local any time.

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