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Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Have The Best Bromance Ever

These guys

True story guys, when we found out this morning that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are spending Thanksgiving together, first we did a massive SQUEEEEEEL and then we tried to write a story about other bromances that we like. Except the problem is, we don’t like any other bromances as much as we like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Because the two of them are everything.

Sure there'st Seth Rogan and James Franco (top lols on that HILAIR cover you guys did of Bound 2 guys, laughed for all of half a second over that one) and obviously also there’s Jay-Z and Kanye West (didn’t even come to your wedding bro!) but no-one manages to win at male friendships like Ben and Matt (Batt? Daffleck?).

Meeting each other at school when they were ten, Affl-amon (we’ve settled on that as a nice amalgamation of their names) the two used to play nerd-fest pastime Dungeons and Dragons together – apparently they both wanted to be the ‘magic using elegant elf’, whatever that means.

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Obviously, the two got super famous when they starred together in Good Will Hunting - the film which they wrote the script for and then won an Oscar for. I wasn’t allowed to watch it because it was a 15 so I just copied everyone else at school and said ‘How’d you like them apples?’ to everything even though I had no idea where it was from. Just to make you feel really good about yourself, when they won, Matt was 27 and Ben was 25. They bought Jeeps with their first paychecks.

In fact, the two were so close that some people assumed they were gay, because two men, being friends? NOT COOL OR MANLY. Years later, Matt shut it down in the best way possible ‘I never denied those rumours because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay – as if being gay were some kind of fucking disease.’

The two aslso starred together in Dogma. Remember that film? It was when Alanis Morissette was God. And they did a funny reneactment of Good Will Hunting in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. Also worth a watch? Their documentary series called Project Greenlight, which is coming back this year BTW. Oh, and Matt’s had some cameos in some of Ben’s more questionable films (Jersey Girl anyone?).

Here's a few other monents from their friendship we loved:

The time you could win a double friend date with them

In this video they’re raising money for charity (swoon) and making fun of each other. Especially of the fact that Matt Damon isn’t playing Robin in to Ben’s Batman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman.

That time Matt Damon said he’d seen Ben Affleck’s penis

After it was revealed that Ben Affleck’s willy was going to be on view in Gone Girl (still didn’t manage to spot it), Matt Damon totally wasn’t fazed, ‘Oh, I’ve seen it many times before that.’

That time Jimmy Kimmel used them as pawns in his sexual game with Sarah Silverman

Who's fucking Matt Damon? Don't even worry about it, the REAL question is 'Who's fucking Ben Affleck?'. Jimmy Kimmel was dating Sarah Silverman at the time BTW. So it does make sense.

That time Jennifer Garner said she was married to both of them

Oh, and that all they do is drink beer and talk about the Red Sox. But shout out to Matt for marrying Lucy so she had someone to hang out with too!

That Oscar speech

They took their MUMS, and called them the most beautiful women in the world, they hugged Robin Williams, they got overexcited and shouted a lot. It’s basically what would happen if we won an Oscar.

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