Mary-Kate Olsen Has Possibly Married Olivier Sarkozy And We’re Obsessed With Looking At Pictures Of Them Together

Because he's so, y'know. And she's so, y'know. It's very sweet and lovely but, y'know.


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We're very happy for Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy if the current rumour doing the rounds that they got married is true. Good for them! The pair were spotted in The Hamptons reportedly both wearing gold bands which has sent the gossip mags into Unlikely Couple overdrive.

There's no beating about the bush, Mary Kate is a tiny person. And Olivier Sarkozy is a large person. And there's a 17 year age gap. And we can't stop looking at pictures of them together because they're really sweet and it has nothing to do with how small she looks when standing next to him or anything because that'd be mean spirited.

But, y'know, say we'd put together a gallery of pictures of her looking really small when standing next to him, it wouldn't be a crime to, like, appreciate the height/age difference and think 'Wow we wouldn't have ever put those two together' while simultaneously being happy that they're happy.

Right guys?

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