The Real Life Jobs Of The Married At First Sight Australia Cast Revealed

One is now a scalp tattooist, while another is joining the army.

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It might have been more than a week since it finished on E4, but everyone still seems to be obsessed with Married At First Sight Australia. (Yes, that's probably because there's 40 episodes and not everyone will have caught up...) But anyway, the drama nevertheless continues. The reunion episode is set to air in the UK soon, which will see another glass of wine thrown. And earlier this week it was revealed Dino spent his honeymoon with Melissa writing a self-help book.

But what have the cast gone on to do after the show? We've taken a look at the careers behind some of Australia's most famous exports.


What do the cast of Married At First Sight do?

Heidi Latcham poses for her instagram1 of 14
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Heidi Latcham

Before appearing on MAFS, Heidi was a radio presenter for an Australian Station. And when the series ended, yep- you guessed it; she returned back to her day job as radio presenter.

Michael Brunelli poses for instagram post with salad bowl promoting healthy lifestyle2 of 14
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Michael Brunelli

Once upon a time, Michael was a primary school teacher and spent his days teaching in classrooms.He's now using his platform to his advantage and is offering personal training sessions, and helping clients to securing a healthier lifestyle.

Martha Kalifatidis uploads mirror selfie to instagram3 of 14
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Martha Kalifatidis

She's low-key a serious style icon that we're all taking Inso from these days.Before the show, Martha was working as a freelance makeup artist. Fast-forward to now, and she has quit that position and is focusing on her social media influencer career.

Mick Gould poses on Australian farm holding goats4 of 14
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Mick Gould

Mick ran his own farm before appearing on MAFS, and has since returned back to his farmyard lifestyle and doesn't refrain from filling his instagram with pics of this rural way of life. PS- Mick was also a plasterer by trade.

Billy Vincent poses shirtless on beach with board5 of 14
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Billy Vincent

Billy's returned to his notable surf-dude aesthetic as he continues to ride the waves.But, this time he dabbles in work as an influencer, personal trainer and does a few spots of modelling here and there.

Lauren Huntriss poses by water with shrimp in hand, for her instagram6 of 14
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Lauren Huntriss

Lauren is now a creatively successful make-up artist, who can offer a variety of tips from: how to fix your brows or eyeliner to how to take care of your skin.

Mike Gunner poses for pic Mike Gunner uploaded to Instagram7 of 14
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Mike Gunner

Mike Gunner now works as a scalp tattooist, offering his own services. Yes, it's a real job. And a pretty handy one too.

Mark Scrivens poses in from of his cafe in Melbourne for instagram8 of 14
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Mark Scrivens

Mark is focusing on himself as he puts all his efforts into his cafe named Freelancer Cafe, which lives in Melbourne. If you wanna see one of your fave MAFS Australia cast members in person, this is the place to spot Mark whipping up a hot brew in his cosy cafe.

Dino Hira uploads post to instagram holding rose in hand9 of 14
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Dino Hira

Dino Hira is now a meditation guru. Dino is planning on running a divorce retreat for couples going through those serious rough patches.

Lizzie Sobinoff poses for instagram post10 of 14
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Lizzie Sobinoff

After MAFS Australia came to an end, Lizzie Sobinoff did not refrain from returning to her day job at Zamel's jewellers at Westfield Hornsby in Sydney. She worked here, whilst also pursuing a social media influencer career- that now seems to be taking off rather successfully.

Samuel Ball poses for instagram11 of 14
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Samuel Ball

Before MAFS, Sam was a "tradie" (a skilled manual worker in a particular craft or trade). Sam has now decided to join the army and become a soldier. It's reported that after his training, he'll be looking at serving for at least four years.

Jessika Power sports a full-glam look for instagram12 of 14
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Jessika Power

Jessika, like a lot of the MAFS Australia girls, has stepped out into the world of influencing. She does sponsored posts for beauty products, hair products and even sex toys.

Bronson Norrish poses with wine for instagram post13 of 14
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Bronson Norrish

Now, Bronson was a former stripper (as we know), but he has returned to his life as Boat King. Can we blame him?Bronson runs a boat company in Perth, The swanky company, Party Boat Charters, offers boats for hire at quite a high price. It's been rumoured that the only reason he ever went on the show, was to promote his boat business...

Jules Robinson poses for instagram post with coffee in hand14 of 14
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Jules Robinson

Jules Robinson previously worked in hair and beauty and has spent time in London working as Head of Bridal Hair and Makeup in the famous Harrods in the earlier years of her life. She even ran her own blow-dry bar before applying for the show. Now, she runs a number of social media ventures while also looking after her baby.

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