Married At First Sight Stars Share ‘Scary’ Footage As They’re Evacuated From Their Home Due To Heatwave Fire

Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling's street was caught up in a field fire during the heatwave.

tayah and Adam

by Marianna Manson |

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days (and if you have been – JEALOUS) you’ll have noticed it’s been hotter than the sun here in the UK.

As temperatures soared to the hottest ever on record – over 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the South East – the London Fire Brigade reported their busiest day since World War Two with fires breaking out all over the country.

Amid shocking footage of entire streets burning, Married at First Sight 2021 favourites Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria revealed they’d been evacuated from their home by police after a huge field fire broke out nearby.

Posting to Instagram Stories from their neighbourhood in Doncaster of smoke billowing above the houses, Adam wrote, ‘Fields on fire at the back of my house. Wow it’s hot.’

Tayah said, ‘Please stay safe everyone. We have a field fire right by our house at the moment,' adding, 'Just a bit of a scary afternoon'.

Later Adam shared an update showing the damage from the blaze stopped just short of his own back garden and wrote, ‘Update: Fires have mainly gone out. Luckily stopped just before my shed. Some neighbours weren’t so lucky.’

It comes as experts predict we could expect to experience brutal heatwaves like we have over the past few days ‘every three years’ with Met Office Chief Scientist Stephen Belcher saying in a video yesterday, ‘Climate change driven by greenhouse gases has made these extreme temperatures possible, and we're actually seeing that possibility now.

‘If we continue under a high-emission scenario, we could continue to see temperatures like this every three years.’

Back in Doncaster, Adam and Tayah are expecting their first child together after meeting on the Channel 4 dating show last year – remaining one of only two couples to still be going strong following the experiment.

They’re even planning on tying the knot – for real this time, given the marriages on the show aren’t actually legally binding – after their baby arrives.

Speaking to new! magazine back in April, Adam said, ‘We’ve pushed it back to next year. We were going to get married on the date that both our parents got married so we were going to keep that tradition going, but now the baby is due around then so that can’t happen.'

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