11 Times Mark Francis Reached Peak Mark Francis

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11 Times Mark Francis Reached Peak Mark Francis

by Aimee Jakes |
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Let’s say it’s a Monday evening and you decide to pop *Made In Chelsea *on the telly to see how the other half live (the ones who can actually afford to buy a house and a daily Pret salad). You will most likely be greeted by a gaggle of blonde ladies head to toe in Whistles discussing the previous night’s antics and the latest love triangle (Spoiler: It probably involves Jamie Laing).

However, as ‘Chelsea’ as that is dahhling, nothing compares with the show’s ultimate snob - Mark Francis-Vandelli. Nuh huh honey. Not one bit.

Mark Francis is the show’s longest-serving cast member, who swanned into our lives in Season 1 wearing real Italian leather and snapping his fingers at any high-street clad civilian (AKA YOU). He is as fabulous that Joanna Lumley eating truffles in the bath. As nonchalant as Kate Moss smoking in the Ladies during Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar speech. More dazzling than my actual real-life face after using abeautiful powder for 30 days.

WATCH: We Spoke To Lucy, Proudlock and Binky From Made In Chelsea

'Step aside, cattle!' is a 2017 highlight. Someone give this man an OBE.

7. When he trolled Paris Hilton


And looked hella iconic in the process. Are you taking notes?

8. When he coined the term ‘restorative glass of champagne’

And we've decided we need one after every yoga class, because we are firm believers of balance.

9. When he bestowed confidence goals to the entire nation


10. When he fully supported the 'Maximalism' trend


Mark is definitely not a fan of the goth look.

11. When he gave a whole new meaning to 'working from home'


Miles away from our porridge-stained onesie and not-seeing-another-human-until-6pm freelancing days.

Want more MFV in your life? 'Course you do. Here is what the internet is Googling around Mark Francis Vandelli…

How old is Mark Francis?

He is 26 years old. We thought he was older, but judging poor people ages you somewhat.

Who are Mark Francis’ parents?

Mark's mum is Russian socialite Diane Boulding-Casserly Vandelli and his dad is Italian businessman Marzio Vandelli.

Did Mark Francis go to university?

Mark Francis studied Art History at UCL, however, we doubt he went to Freshers Week dressed as a 'Where's Wally?'

What’s Mark Francis Vandelli’s job?

Apart from being the Nation's sass pot? Mark has his own jewelry business in France and has recently been appointed as the editor of Insider magazine.

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