Mariah Carey’s Reality TV Show Trailer Is Here

Christmas is no longer the best day in December.

Mariah Carey's Reality TV Show Trailer Is Here

by Chemmie Squier |
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As Mariah’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour continues – it’s been going since 15th March and will conclude on 9th November in Mexico – we’ve got some more Mariah news to get excited about.

Namely, her reality TV show Mariah’s World, which will be coming to E! Entertainment on Sunday 4th December and they've just released the trailer for it.

You know what this means though, don't you? Christmas will no longer be the best day in December. Christmas itself has been trumped by Mariah. Mimi has stolen Christmas' thunder. Christmas has been beaten.

Throughout her career, Mariah’s been plagued by rumors of her outrageous demands and diva personality. Like, apparently she won’t hold her own drinks and will only drink through a straw, how her staff and everyone around her are banned from saying ‘Nick’ (as in, Nick Cannon her ex-husband and father to her two children) and her children’s nappy cream was a $1900 Le Mer moisturiser, no less.

She kind of addresses these rumors in the trailer – apparently, demanding puppies in her rider was not a thing – as well as doing a mean impression of what sounds like Estelle (you know, Joey’s agent) from Friends.

I mean, if that's what we get from only 1 minute 16 seconds of trailer, imagine what we've got to look forward to when the actual show is released? Exactly.

If you want to get in the Mariah mood, here’s a playlist we made earlier. You’re welcome.

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