Here’s Why Margot Robbie Does Not Want You To Call Her A ‘Bombshell’

‘I hate that word. I hate it—so much'

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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She might be described as a 'bombshell' in most articles, but Margot Robbie does not want you to call her it. The actress - speaking in the July issue of Vogue, which is released on Thursday - voiced her dislike of the adjective, saying that she 'hates' it.

'I feel like a brat saying that because there are worse things, but I’m not a bombshell,' The Wolf Of Wall Street actress told the publication. 'I’m not someone who walks in a room and the record stops and people turn like, "Look at that woman." That doesn’t happen.'

The 28-year-old added, ‘People who know me, if they had to sum me up in one word I don’t know what that word would be, but I’m certain it would not be bombshell.’

Margot also told the magazine how she wrote to director Quentin Tarintino to secure her role as Sharon Tate in upcoming film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. She added, 'I wrote him and said, "I adore your films, and I would love to work with you in some capacity. Or any capacity."' The star also said she found her role in the film a challenge, saying, 'I find it much easier to go dark and angry. With Tonya [Harding from I, Tonya], I wanted to go really heavy, almost like she had weights on her feet. This time I was trying to do the reverse.'

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