Malia Obama Has A British Boyfriend, And We’ve All Met Him

Who exactly is floppy-haired ex-public school boy Rory Farquharson?

Malia Obama Has A British Boyfriend

by Phoebe Parke |
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Malia Obama has been spotted kissing and canoodling with a charming young chap reportedly called Rory Farquharson, and he’s the exact guy you hang out with when you start University.

The floppy-haired ex-public school boy is in his second year at Harvard University in the US, which is where he met Malia, and he previously attended Rugby School where he was both on the golf team and head boy, according to The Sun.

This is the exact guy we met in our first year at Uni – charming, knowledgeable about things like wine and cheeses, and constantly wearing a Ralph Lauren polo and boat shoes with socks.

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The type of guy that buys a plaited leather belt aged 21 and wears it well into his 40s, a guy who wears a different pair of statement socks with his boat shoes each day, can’t say a sentence without using the words ‘banter’ and 'yah', and throws a jumper around his shoulders with the arms tied together on his chest when the weather turns.

But once the allure of his parent’s lofty countryside manor and boozy trips with all his public school friends lose their appeal, you realise all he actually cares about is telling you how great his school was, calling dinner ‘supper’ and buying red chinos.

We hope that doesn’t happen to Malia and Farqy (which is what we’re sure his friends call him), firstly because we want her to be in the UK as much as possible so we can hang out with her, and secondly because she deserves to be with someone that looks at her like Joe Biden looks at Barack Obama.

Unlike our first Uni relationships, cameras are following Malia and Rory’s every move – while we got to drink Apple Sourz and dance to crazy frog in the student union in peace – Malia and Rory will be being spied on at all times.

The press has already found out details about how much he paid per term at school, what his parents do for a living, where he lives and found pictures from his Facebook feed and school website.

At the time of writing Rory Farquharson had deleted his Twitter account (@rory_farq) after a series of stories were published this morning, including one by US blogger Perez Hilton titled ‘Meet Malia Obama's Mystery Man — Rory Farquharson!’

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