Made In Chelsea’s Maeva D’Ascanio Claims The Cast ‘Made Her Life A Nightmare’

'I felt really excluded for months and months - and then I changed myself.'

Made In Chelsea Maeva D'Ascanio

by Bonnie McLaren |

There's always drama on screen in Chelsea - so it might not shock you to find out sometimes the relationships between cast members can be a little bit frosty. Even when the cameras aren't rolling.

One of our MiC favourites is the no-nonsense Maeva D'Ascanio, but, in a new interview, the French reality star has claimed she felt 'excluded for months' when she joined filming in 2018 after she moved back to London. In fact, the 28-year=old says she now only gets on with Sophie Habboo (Jamie Laing's girlfriend) and Emily Blackwell (who is currently dating Harvey Armstrong).

'At the beginning it was a nightmare. I was by myself,' Maeva - who joined the show after splitting with ex-boyfriend Miles Nazaire - told the MailOnline. 'There's jealousy, they're cold and they don't want to make the effort,' she added. 'With me, I felt really excluded for months and months and months and then I changed myself. I always say to the girls on the show, "you don't like me" but they need to get to know me before they judge me. I get on with Emily Blackwell now and Habbs… that's it really!'

Yikes - it doesn't sound like the nicest atmosphere.

In this week's Made In Chelsea, Maeva and her boyfriend James decided to take a break after they had an argument about living together. The MiC star also recently candidly spoke about her struggles with an eating disorder. 'It has been an issue with me for years,' she told the MailOnline, speaking about her relationship with food. 'I am in this situation and I am really struggling right now.'

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