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17 Made In Chelsea Snapchat Usernames You Need (In The Order Of Who We Most Want To Drink A Pint With)

Sloane-ify your Snapchat with these elusive Made In Chelsea contacts, dahling

Can’t get enough of the super shiny, biscuit-company-owning, brunch-loving, boyfriend-sharing SW3 gang who dominate the E4 channel (and our lunch break conversations)? Do you think ‘the one episode a week’ thing is bloody absurd? If you were in that meeting room with the Channel 4 production team, would you have raised your hand to suggest that Made in Chelsea is just _so_ fab, that it should be a 24/7 stream like Big Brother back in the good ole days, complete with the soundtrack of birds twittering in the background just in case someone dropped the F-bomb?

If you have even toyed with answer ‘yes’, then great, I agree. But the closest you'll probably get to a consistent feed of Made In Chelsea madness is following the cast over on Snapchat. That way you'll get sneak peaks into the gang's IRL(ish) lives which sounds like a marvelous idea, don't you think?

Who hangs out with who off camera, who over-uses the dog ears filter and who's social media behaviour is actually pretty normal? The answer to all your questions await behind that little white and yellow icon.

So, without further ado, let's get straight to it. Grab your phone, fire up that little ghost icon and get to adding. Here are the Made in Chelsea cast's Snapchat usernames in all their glory - we've also ordered them from worst to best on the basis of 'how much we would we want to spend our Friday evening's with them, sozzled in The Crown clinking a glass or two of Peroni'. You know, in case the opportunity ever arises...

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.