Made In Chelsea’s Zara And Sam Discuss Dramatic Argument

Zara also responded to Tiff saying they weren't friends last week.

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Made In Chelsea’s explosive finale was last night - and two of the key characters, Zara and Sam{ =nofollow}, have had their say. After last night’s episode, the couple joined Grazia on our Instagram live to debrief the episode. And it turns out that yes, they do still disagree about that fateful Uber ride Sam took with ex Tiff.

‘We had a really nice chat,’ Sam said, talking about his conversation with Tiff beforehand. ‘I don’t think it was half an hour, I think it was more like 15 minutes personally. And I had training the next day for the London Marathon so after we had a really nice catch up I was like “I’m going to go home” and she was like “so am I, do you want to share an Uber?”'

Sam continued, 'And at this point, I thought to myself, it’s going to go one of two ways, if I say no, then it makes it even more weird because I don’t have any feelings for Tiff.’

‘So you’d rather it be weird for Tiff, but not for me?’ Zara{ =nofollow}cut in. ‘At the time I didn't really have your feelings in my head,’ Sam replied. To which Zara responded, ‘That’s the issue though.’

However, thankfully for Zara, Sam has now learnt from his mistake. ‘I just forgot,’ Sam clarified. ‘But to me it didn’t mean anything, but now I realise I should have told you and that right there is where we grow.’

Zara - who is friends with Sam’s ex Habbs - also responded to Tiff saying she wasn’t friends with Zara last week in an Instagram Q&A. 'I saw that Tiff put something up the other day like me and Zara aren’t friends, and we don’t talk,' she said. 'But after we had that conversation she gave me a hug and I texted her after like, babe it was lovely to speak to you and I hope we can be civil in the future and of course would love to see you soon. And all of a sudden we aren’t friends anymore.'

'But what people don’t know is I had that initial uncomfortableness with Habbs,' Zara said earlier in the chat, explaining why she's mates with Habbs. 'But Habbs was way moved on with a new boyfriend and wasn’t in Tiff’s position where Tiff was newly single and being like I want to be Sam's friend and to me that was a bit like why weren’t you friends from day one and now you’re single.'

Aside from arguments on TV, the couple really are stronger than ever - so much so that Sam even wants to tie the knot. ‘She’s a wife,’ he said. ‘The ring isn’t on the finger yet - I need to earn a bit more money - but we’re getting there.’

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