This Is The Made In Chelsea Instagram Rich List

Can you guess who is in the top ten? You may be surprised...


by Bonnie McLaren |

We're not going to lie: whenever we watch Made In Chelsea, one of the main questions which pops into our mind while they're glugging champagne is: just how much money do they really have, darling? Unfortunately, we're not mind readers, and it goes without saying, we do not have access to bank statements - but, thanks to social media, we can guess who can demand the most money from their Instagram presence.

Like most reality stars worth their salt, the Made In Chelsea lot make some of their earnings through sponsored posts, whether that's sporting flash jewellery, advertising workouts or cooking very fancy looking food.

And as the series celebrates ten years on TV, we thought it'd be fun to see which current and former major cast members are the most popular on Insta, and estimate who can command the most money for their sponsored posts (thanks to some investigating by thinkmoney, where they looked at the amount of followers the stars have, and their earning potential).

So, think back over the past ten years... Who do you think can earn the most? And which Thompson do you think is more popular on IG? Read on to find out more.... You might be surprised.

10. Sophie Hermann - £1,976

9. Oliver Proudlock - £2,393

8. Spencer Matthews - £2,559

7. Stephanie Pratt - £2,800

6. Lucy Watson - £2,885

5. Louise Thompson - £2,902

4. Sam Thompson - £3,177

3. Millie Mackintosh - £3,289

2. Binky Felstead - £3,470

1. Georgia Toffolo - £4,184

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Jamie and Louise
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1. Jamie Laing and Louise Thompson

Remember when Jamie and Louise dated (much to Spencer's dismay) in 2012. Louise then left Jamie for Spencer, causing a very traumatic love triangle indeed. Poor Jamie.

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