Which Made In Chelsea Cast Members Have Children?

And were their babies made in Chelsea?

Which Made In Chelsea Cast Members Have Children?

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When Made in Chelsea started in 2011, the beautiful twenty-somethings of the Royal Borough were only interested in sleeping with each other, talking about each other and occasionally throwing drinks in each other's faces (love you Millie).

But, things move on and almost a decade since the show started, quite a few of the cast members have settled down and started families. So, which Made In Chelsea cast members have had babies? Keep reading to find out.

Cheska Hull

Cheska left Made in Chelsea in 2014, which given how people behaved towards her on the show was probably a good thing (we're looking at you, Victoria BH). She now lives in Salcombe and has a four-year-old son named Charlie.

Binky Felstead & JP

Binky, otherwise known as Alexandra, has a daughter named India who's four. India's father, and Binky's ex, is also a Made in Chelsea cast member, Josh Patterson. Since becoming a Mum Binky has founded The Mummy Tribe which is a wellness and lifestyle camp for parents.

Binky also welcomed a son called Wolfie in June of 2021 with her current partner and businessman, Max Darnton.

Spencer Matthews

Spencer was known for being naughty - but eventually he settled with Grazia favourite Vogue Williams.

Vogue and Spencer's son is called Theodore and was born on 5 September 2018. The couple then welcomed their second child, a daughter called Gigi, in 2020 and most recently have welcomed their third child, Otto, in May. Cute.

Millie Mackintosh & Hugo Taylor

Millie Mackintosh is married to fellow MIC alumni, Hugo Taylor, and they welcomed their first child, a daughter called Sienna in May of 2021.

They added the second addition to their family in November last year with the arrival of another daughter called Aurelia. 'Our hearts are bursting with love,' they revealed on Instagram at the time.

Oliver Proudlock

Proudlock is married to the model and Grazia fav Emma Connolly. The couple have just welcomed their first child, a daughter called Bonnie, and the videos they've been posting on Instagram have really brightened up our week.

'She's here,' Emma announced. 'With so much love and pride, we are thrilled to share the safe & healthy arrival of our beautiful baby girl. She has already filled us with so much love and happiness. Our Bonnie Lou Proudlock, 14/05/22.'

Funda Onal

You might remember Funda from the early days of Made in Chelsea when things were simple and Spencer was her boyfriend despite having massive chemistry with Caggie (remember Caggie?) Funda is now a mother, but her Instagram is very selfishly private, so we don't have any pictures.

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Andy Jordan

Kicking things off is Andy Jordan, who first appeared on our screens wooing Spencer Matthews' then girlfriend Louis Thompson. He went on to get the girl, and earned himself a reputation as a bit of a love-sick wet cloth thanks to his incessant warbling - sorry, singing.

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Andy Jordan

Andy left the show in 2015 to focus on his music career and his super laid-back lifestyle brand Jam Industries. Having learned to surf as a teenager, he's now made his home in Cornwall and according to his Instagram is 'preferably underwater'. Still fit though.

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