Lupita Nyong’o Settles The Rumours Of Who She Sleeps With

No, it's not Jared Leto. It's stuffed toys, duh


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Lupita Nyong'omight be 31, but she still likes to snuggle up with teddy bears at bedtime, as illustrated by the Oscar-winning actress' latest Instagram post. Posing for a photo of herself taking a selfie – has she been checking out the Kim and Kanye editorial in the latest issue of Voguefor inspiration of photos-of-photos-of-photos? – she cuddled up to two stuffed toys. One was Linus Van Pelt, the other was Snoopie, both characters in the Peanuts cartoon. She captioned the image: 'Me and my main squeeze, Linus Van Pelt reunited. #letstakeaselfie Thank you, Peanuts!'

It should come as no surprise that Lupita likes to take the cuddly toys to bed with her. In basically every interview Lupita has done since her rise to fame following her incredible, heart-wrenching turn as Patsey in Steve McQueen's film about slavery, the Mexican-born Kenyan has been asked if she watched any American TV while growing up. And in every single one she namechecks Peanuts – and Charlie Brown.

Sucks for everyone out there hoping that Lupita was going to announce some sort of love triangle with 12 Years A Slave co-star Michael Fassbender and fellow Oscar-winner Jared Letoseriously, guys, it didn't happen.

But it gives hope to us that still sleeping with stuff toys in your bed as a 'grown-up' is totally fine. Because we totally still do it without even thinking about it. They're basically just pets that you don't have to feed, clean up after or rack up extortionate veterinary bills for. As long as you shove them into a cupboard when you have, um… visitors.

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