Love Island’s Luke M Offers His House To NHS Staff Rent-Free

'Hit me up and we can work something out if you're struggling for a place to stay - I'll pay for everything.'


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Love Island’s Luke M has offered his house to NHS staff{ =nofollow}to live in rent-free, while he isolates with his brother. The reality star made the kind offer on Instagram yesterday, saying he would pay for everything - including bills - for doctors and nurses who were struggling for somewhere to stay, or wanted to live apart from their families, as they work on the frontline to fight coronavirus.

Luke, from Redcar in the north east, said on his Instagram story: ‘Basically there's no one living at my house so if you work for the NHS, if you are a nurse or a doctor. hit me up and we can work something out if you're struggling for a place to stay. I'll pay for everything; water, gas, electricity and rent. You won't have to worry about any of that. It's a place for you to stay if you don't want to give your family coronavirus or just need a place to chill out.’

Instagram / Luke M
©Instagram / Luke M

Lockdown means that the former Love Island star hasn't been able to see Demi Jones, who he partnered with on the show earlier this year. Speaking in an Instagram Q&A recently, he said that they’re still keeping in contact through Facetime, but that ‘we haven’t had the full test on the outside world yet because of this lockdown’.

Earlier this week, Love Island's Dr Alex George asked fans for a temporary place to stay after he was forced to leave his flat. He posted on his Instagram story: ‘I need to move out of where I am staying due to the tenancy period expiring. Does anyone have a place I could rent short term for the next month or so. Need to be in central/south/southwest London to be close to A&E. Thank you.'

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