Why Is Nobody Coupling Up With Luke M?

As Siannise said, we all think the world of Love Island's Luke M. Bonnie McLaren investigates why he hasn't found love in the villa - yet.


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Justin Bieber is currently in the UK, promoting his new album Changes - or, wait a minute, is he in South Africa, pulling people for a chat on Love Island? No, no. Wait. That’s just Luke M - the man who shocked everyone when he strolled into the villa, because of how bloody much he looks like the popstar.

But is Luke M having as much luck as Justin when it comes to finding love? The answer is, unfortunately, no. (While performing yesterday, Justin told audiences that he was having a lot of sex with his wife Hailey Baldwin. TMI maybe - but good for you, hun.)

OK, so, to recap. Luke was originally coupled with Jess, who mugged him off for Mike (even though Mike was ‘moving mad’ because Leanne had been dumped from the villa). Casa Amor then presented itself as the perfect opportunity for love, and it looked promising when he got close with bombshell Natalia - only for her to mug him off when she got into the main villa. (Did she use him as a meal ticket? Most definitely.) Most recently, there have been sparks between him and Demi, who found herself single after Nas dumped her post-Casa Amor. (Keep up!) But even that looks futile, as in last night's episode Demi went on a date with new lad Jamie. Returning to the villa, she then said - just before kissing Luke M - that she was definitely open to getting to know other people. (The most modern declaration of love.)

So far, the only person Luke M has had a genuine connection with is Luke T, who he has a genuinely beautiful friendship with. And there have been calls for the pair to couple up and split the £50k. But that seems unlikely, mostly because Luke T is happy with Siannise, who has also taken Luke M under her wing. During a chat by the firepit, Siannise passionately told Bieber - like we all do, when we’re ranting with our mates after a couple of drinks - that we 'all think the world of him' and he shouldn't be disheartened by all the mugging off.

But why is Luke M not number one? Why is this happening? Why are these women, confined in this villa, repeatedly mugging Luke M off? Especially when not one, not two, but all of the girls in Casa Amor showed an interest.

The answer is: we do not know. We wish we had an answer. We can only think that the women in the villa are allergic to his niceness, plus his incredibly chiselled face and Bieber-ish looks.

It’s not just me who thinks this. ‘I just think he is a genuine person,’ the colleague across my desk enthusiastically shouts when she finds out that I am writing this article. ‘I just don’t think he plays “The Game”.’ She pauses. ‘That, and he is gorgeous.’ (‘Why haven’t you asked me for a quote?’ the colleague next to me asks. ‘I also fancy Luke M, even though I don't actually don’t watch Love Island anymore. He has a nice aura about him.' Praise indeed.)

As time creeps on in the villa, we remain to see what will happen with Luke M. Will Demi ditch him for Jamie, even though we all know Jamie is meant to be with Shaughna? Probably. Love Island is a cruel game. While I want Luke M to be happy, really I do, there is a small part of me who does not want Luke M to find love in the villa. Only because I would get insanely jealous.

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