Lucy Watson: ‘If I Could Give Spencer Any Advice, I’d Tell Him Not To Go Out With Anyone’

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Arguably no one on the planet has learned more about friendship and heartbreak than MIC’s tough love guru Lucy Watson. To celebrate the DVD release of The Other Woman, we, erm, grilled her on dating, Digby the dog, moving on from your mistakes and what makes the perfect breakfast…

The Other Woman is all about supporting/bonding with your female friends following a bad relationship, and helping them. What’s the most helpful love advice a friend has ever given you?

I first saw it with Stephanie Pratt, and we hadn’t been in a completely dissimilar situation – it hadn’t happened at the same time, but we had both been seeing the same guy, so we really related. I think the best love advice is to keep learning from your mistakes. If you get hurt, don’t feel bad about making a bad decision, just learn from it and that way you will have got something out of it. And don’t keep making the same mistake! I think I came up with that one, actually…

Stevie just told us that you have a really strong friendship, but that you take some time to let people get to know you – how do you know when you can really trust someone?

There are no hard and fast rules, it definitely depends on the person! One good rule is to look at the way they treat their friends. If you meet someone and they’re slagging off the people that they’re supposed to be friends with, there’s a good chance they might treat you the same way, and you need to avoid them.

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Which MIC girl's wardrobe are you most likely to rifle through?

It’s a difficult one, because we’re all different sizes, and we have such different styles. Louise is tiny! I might not be able to fit into her stuff. Personally I love my wardrobe and I’d always rather wear my own stuff. Rosie has some great jewellery, though, so it might be fun to wear that.

If you could give Spencer one piece of love advice, what would it be?

Don’t go out with anyone! Seriously! Spencer loves flirting, but he’s all about the thrill of the chase. I think that sometimes when he’s with a girl, he gets caught up in the moment. He’s young, he doesn’t have to settle down, and that’s fine. He just needs to be honest with people about what he really wants.

What do you think makes the best theme for an MIC pardy?

That’s a hard one! To be honest, my favourite is probably a masquerade ball, because you’re a bit more free. You can wear a really pretty gown and a cool mask, you’re not restricted in the way you are with some other themes. Although I’d love to do an *X Men-*themed party. That would be really good fun. I’d suggest it for the next series, but I’m not sure if anyone else would go for it.

Could you ever see yourself with Jamie again, or do you think you're meant to be just friends?

We’re definitely just friends. Too much has happened. I love Jamie, and there are parts of his personality I really respond to, and other parts that wouldn’t work if we were together. He has such an amazing personality and he’s such a flirt that you find yourself getting carried away by him. There won’t be any more romance, but I think we’ll be friends for years to come.

Why do you think your MIC colleagues are sometimes reluctant to take your advice?

I think they don’t always want to be seen taking it. When we’re doing everything in front of a camera, I think they’re worried that I’m trying to make them look bad. But I’ll never not say something, when it’s right, even if it’s hard to say. To be honest this also comes back to what I was talking about when it comes to making your own mistakes. People need to learn for themselves, and I think they’d rather get it wrong than do the right thing because someone else has told them to.

Who was the last person, or thing, to get up in your grill – and why?

A Marmite and cheese toastie, for breakfast! I was really hungry this morning. It was from Starbucks, and it was delicious.

What's your favourite thing about living in London?

Everything is really close together! I’d like to say I walk everywhere, but that’s blatantly not true. I love the food, and the restaurants – I’m a big fan of Italian – and I guess just being near my friends. Everyone lives two minutes away. It’s like the olden days. People can just come over for a cup of tea. They’ll call me to tell me they’re on their way and I’ll see them in 30 seconds.

What can we expect from the next series of MIC?

I honestly don’t know what I can tell you without giving too much away! We’re halfway through filming at the moment.

How is Alik finding the move to London?

We’re not close friends, so I couldn’t tell you – you’d have to ask him! But obviously he moved here because he’s in love with Louise, which is a very brave thing to do.

How is Digby doing? Does he have any pet BFFs?

Digby has put weight on, so he’s on a diet. He’s sulking at the moment because I just adopted a rescue kitten from Battersea. He’s very jealous, and when I’m cuddling Darcy the kitten, you can see that he’s plotting ways to kill him.

Your dad owns a pub – can you pull a pint? And would you rather have a glass of champagne or a Bloody Mary?

My dad has a few pubs around the country and, when I was younger, he made it clear that if I wanted any extra money I was going to have to work for it. I worked at the pub on Bond Street, thinking it would be great, and I’d probably get special treatment. I didn’t. I had to get rid of chewing gum that had been stuck to tables and everything. But I can pour a pint, and make a latte. I think they’re good skills to have. Drinks wise, I’m definitely a champagne girl.

Riley was your intern – what career advice would you give her?

It can be hard, but I think it’s important to start by choosing the industry you really love. I think a lot of people focus on making money, possibly because they’re under pressure from their parents – but you need to follow your passions or you’ll get burned out. Also, there’s a lot to be said for finding a company or organisation you love and starting from the bottom, to really learn your stuff. You don’t need qualifications, you can get so much from experience.

The Other Woman is out on Blu-ray and DVD on 13 October from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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