A Lube Company Has Offered JLo Sponsorship Off The Back Of ‘Booty’ Music Vid

Because there's nothing like lube all over your buttcheeks, eh J-Lo?


by Stevie Martin |
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Jennifer Lopez (known as J-Lo to her friends) has been offered a sponsorship deal thanks to the video for new single Booty where she rubs her butt all over Iggy Azalea, among other things.

If you haven't seen the vid, then check it out below but make sure you're sitting down and/or not accompanied by anyone with a history of heart problems Anyway, the Doc Johnson Lube Company duly noted the wet-look, lubed-up booties and have extended the business hand of sponsorship to J-Lo's backside; offering a year's supply and a long-term commercial contract.

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Of course, J-Lo hasn't responded and we're pretty confident this won't be happening, but can you imagine the adverts if it were to go ahead? Oh, yeah, you can.By watching the video to Booty, which is pretty much an advert for putting lube all over your buttcheeks as it is.

Do you think they know that lube isn't supposed to go all over your arse, but just used fo- doesn't matter. No wonder J-Lo's keeping schtum, but part of us really hopes she goes for it. Just to see what'd happen.

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