We Love Madonna’s Daughter’s Outlook On Her Past ‘Unfortunate Outfits’

Her styling tips for summer are pretty ace too


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At the end of 1994's *Human Nature, *the music video where Madonna dressed up in bondage gear and got whipped, she says: 'Absolutely no regrets.' And it looks as though daughter Lourdes Leon has picked up this sentiment from her, as she approaches graduation and reminisces on her Material Girl fashion line blog about all the sartorial mistakes she's made at high school.

'Looking back on the past four years of high school means looking back on unfortunate outfits I wore confidently to school (good for me),' Lourdes explains. 'Oh how I wish I could go back in time and urge my 14 year old self NOT to wear black rhinestone studded t-shirts with bloody skulls on them, purchased from really “hip” stores (wtf is hip anyways).'

Still, the teen believes this time of experimentation was totally valid development. 'I like to reassure myself though, that I had to go through that awkward time of “trying stuff out” to figure out what I liked wearing best. I still don’t think that I have a defined style, maybe because I don’t want to limit myself to what I should wear.'

We'll make note of that next time we're looking through heinous photos of ourselves five years ago on Facebook, or the next time we're tagged in our supposed friends' awkward #throwbackthurdsays.

Lourdes credited her school – the prestigious LaGuardia School for performing arts in New York – with giving her a safe space to play around with her style: 'Makes me happy knowing that I went to an arts school where any kind of style could fly: It gave me the confidence and the yolo spirit I needed to successfully look like a clown (it’s fine). Despite my unfortunate fashion choices, I definitely don’t look back on High School with any bitterness.'

With Material Girl's next line being released in September, Lourdes also details her styling tips for the meantime. 'Anyway, as summer approaches and as I keep forgetting to shave my legs…I greet with open arms crop tops, Adidas sandals, fun bucket hats, and just walking around with no pants on and it being ok. I predict that over the summer I’ll be wearing a lot of tribal pants and sports bras.'

She also provides a playlist of the music she'll be listening to, listing off a slightfly left-of-field R&B bias, including Banks, Little Dragon, Zhu, Flume, Kaytranada, Busta Rhymes, Empire of The Sun. It's so banging that we've embedded some of the songs on this very post for you to listen to.

The 17 year old signs off: 'I hope that all of you reading are able to find the chilling time to kick back and blast some sound – and if you don’t, then maybe u should make the time because… who doesn’t want to do that?'

There we have it, utter proof that cool doesn't fall far from the tree.

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