Wait, Kelly And Jessica From Love Is Blind Have Been Friends For 10 Years?

A Love Is Blind bombshell we didn't see coming...

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Love Is Blind might have had its explosive reunion episode have been friends for ten years. Ten years! Yep, we’re just as confused as you are...

In an Instagram Q&A, Jessica answered questions about her time on the show and was asked: 'Did you know Kelly before the show?' She then replied with a photo of the pair, both with brunette hair, saying, ‘I’ve known Kel for 10 years.’ Kelly was also asked the same question on Instagram, to which she confirmed, ‘Jessica and I actually met ten or 11 years ago from an ex boyfriend's same social circle.’

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It seems wild that the friendship was never addressed on the show{ =nofollow}, considering that they were living in the same house. As one user wrote on Twitter, ‘I was today years old when I found out Jessica and Kelly from love is blind have known each other for TEN YEARS.’ Another shocked fan added, 'I'm actually getting a headache. I- w h a t ?'

But perhaps it isn’t all too surprising when you consider that all 30 contestants featured on the show were living in Atlanta at the time of filming, which is also why they never had to travel that far when they were visiting each other's houses.

In the reunion episode - spoilers ahead - we learnt that Amber and Matt and Lauren and Cameron are still together, along with Gigi and Damian, who reunited after she was jilted at the altar.

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Which Love Is Blind couples are still together?

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CREDIT: Netflix/Love Is Blind

Amber and Barnett

Amber Pike and Matt Barnetthad an immediate physical connection on the show, but Amber's student loan and credit card debt threw doubt on their relationship. I mean, who doesn't overspend on MAC lipstick sometimes, right? Barnett's family appeared less than impressed when they met Amber, and Barnett later revealed that he might not be able to go through with the wedding if his family didn't approve.

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CREDIT: Instagram/barnettisblind/atypicalamber

amber and barnett love is blind instagram

Despite financial and family pressures, Amber and Barnett went through with the wedding. And they stayed together, as they were still husband and wife for the reunion episode.

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CREDIT: Netflix/Love Is Blind

Kelly and Kenny

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes not only won the hearts of viewers with their cute name combo, but with their visible chemistry. Both Kelly and Kenny's parents met and married within a few months and are still together, perhaps quick engagements run in the family? Although it's unlikely they met in fancy pods on a reality TV show, probs.

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CREDIT: Instagram/chaselifewithkelly/kennybarnes11

kelly and kenny love is blind instagram

Kelly and Kenny didn't get married, and they didn't get back together either.

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CREDIT: Netflix/Love Is Blind

Jessica and Mark

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas'relationship was rocky from the start. Although they bonded over their dogs and Chicago upbringings, Jessica's concerns over their age gap and her connection with Barnett have caused multiple arguments during the series.

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CREDIT: Instagram/jessicabatten24/markanthonycuevas_

jessica and mark love is blind instagram

The pair are not together anymore, as the awkward reunion showed. Sad times.

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CREDIT: Netflix/Love Is Blind

Giannina and Damian

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers' relationship was a fiery one. At any one moment this couple could be having a screaming match in a room full of friends or leaping into each others arms. We've seen Giannina struggle with Damian's inability to open up, and Damian's family refuse to meet Giannina before the wedding.

giannina and damian love is blind instagram8 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram/gianninagibelli/damian_powers

giannina and damian love is blind instagram

One of our favourite moments from the whole series was Giannina running from her wedding, as Damian said 'I don't'. We were absolutely shocked to find out from the reunion episode that they're still together!

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CREDIT: Netflix/Love Is Blind

Lauren and Cameron

Fans screech "PROTECT LAUREN AND CAMERON AT ALL COSTS" across social media and tbh, we can understand why. Despite a few niggles over Lauren's sense of independence and a tricky chat with her Dad, the pair haven't had eyes for anyone else since meeting in the pods. If any couple will stand the test of time, it's these two.

lauren and cameron Love is blind instagram10 of 10
CREDIT: Instagram/need4lspeed/cameronreidhamilton

lauren and cameron Love is blind instagram

Okay, they've hidden this one quite badly. Both Lauren and Cameron were on holiday in Mexico at the same time, wearing the same sunglasses. You can even see someone who looks extremely like Lauren in the reflection of Cameron's sunglasses. Plus she's wearing a wedding ring in her most recent post, big give away, guys. In the reunion episode, we found out that they're still together, just as we thought.

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