Lorde’s Mum’s #Tbt Shows That They Are Basically The Same Person

One Instagram photo tells us the two could be sisters, right?

Lorde's Mum's #Tbt Shows How Identical The Two Look_ 459583608

by Sophie Wilkinson |

You might recognise Lorde’s mum Sonja Yelich – she’s the blonde one in countless gifs and memes of Taylor Swift at the 2014 American Music Awards a little while back.

She’s also used to – pre-blonde – be the exact same person as Lorde, as a recent photo shows. She uploaded the photo of her on a beach, with a dog and a glass of fizz (not jealous, not jealous at all) and all of her followers (and their mums) thought that the photo was of Lorde herself. She even captioned it like Lorde would: ‘lol. me. 19. #tbt’.

Just in case you haven't worked it out, Sonja was 19 in 1995. So yeah, actual adults with adult children were 19 in 1995.

Sonja’s photo was much appreciated by Lorde’s ardent fans, who commented with the frenzied: ‘THOUGHT THIS WAS ELLA!!! SONJA OMG’ to the more thought-out: ‘One can most definitely see that Ella draws a lot of look-a-like genes from you indeed. @sonjayelich When I first saw this photo, I took it for her. :-)’

What do you think? Doesn’t the brown-curled mop-top just scream ‘Lorde’ to you?

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