Lorde Gave Taylor Swift The First Listen To Her New Song

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Celeb friendships: they’re just like ours! We’ve frequently pondered the phone convos between Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham. Like, which one is wiser? They’re both so good at advice! And when Taylor posts group shots of her celebrity BFFs at her seaside mansion, we totally pine for details. What did you do? Did you sing karaoke? What songs did you sing? Did you sing your own songs? Tell us more!

Well, Lorde’s given us a little insight into her relationship with Tay, and while we imagined they talked about boys and Downton Abbey like the rest of us, it turns out they’re turning to each other for professional advice, too. Or at least, one of them is.

Lorde regrammed one of Taylor’s Instagrams in which she wrote a lyric from Yellow Flicker Beat in a notebook and captioned it: ‘Proud’

In her regram caption, Lorde wrote:

‘this girl was the first person i played yellow flicker beat to, and she was instantly obsessed with it/would make me play it to our other friends in her kitchen like a proud mom. in return i make her put on my favourite jams from her new record and flail around wildly/smile like a crazy person. it's the coolest thing in the world having friends who make incredible music AND having them cheering you on when it's time for your own to be released. so pumped for them to hear 1989. #iheartswift’

Now all we want is video of Lorde dancing around the kitchen to Taylor Swift songs. Hopefully that is on the way.

Picture: Instagram

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