Look What The Stars Of Clueless Are Doing 19 Years On

Clue: Dionne has somehow found the elixir of eternal youth


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Over 19 years – yep, read it and weep, 19 years – after Clueless was released, the stars of the film have reunited at a screening. Of course, tragically missing was the late Brittany Murphy, who played the sparky Tai in the seminal teen film.

We found out what else they’ve done with their careers in the time that’s since passed. Make sure you listen to this while you read. OK, it’s the theme from the TV show, but it’s pretty good all the same.

Name: Alicia Silverstone – she played Cher, the slightly-spoiled ‘virgin who can’t drive’

What is she up to now? She has her own lifestyle website, TheKindLife.com, where she shares vegan recipes, runs competitions for Mayim Bialik’s (of 90s TV show Blossom) new cookbook and preaches about eco-friendly living and how to be a ‘kind mama’. A bit like a more affordable version of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.


Name: Stacey Dash – she played Dionne, the smart-talking BFF of Cher. She was so attached to Cher, she’d talk to her on her ‘cell’ while right next to her.

What is she up to now? After playing the needy love interest in Kanye West’s All Falls Down video, Stacey somehow found the elixir of eternal youth and then went on to get death threats for supporting Mitt Romney on Twitter in the 2012 US election. She’s also acted here and there, and featured in her own Funny or Die series, Stacey Dash is Normal. Except she’s not normal: she’s 47 now and looks about 21.


Name: Elisa Donovan – she played bitchy Amber, her of the perma-varied hairdo in the film and the TV show.

What is she up to now? Having played small-town insurance worker Gayle in web series In Gayle We Trust and a few guest spots on shows like NCIS and Sonny With A Chance, it’s a far cry from when she played Joey Fatone’s love interest in an N’Sync video and Sabrina’s college pal in Sabrina The Teenage Witch.


Name: Amy Heckerling – the director! You’ll recognise her name from the opening credits of Clueless the TV show

What is she up to now? Having directed Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Look Who’s Talking and Clueless, you’d totally forgive her for resting on her laurels. And that might be why she’s only since directed a couple of episodes of Gossip Girl, a few of The Carrie Diaries. OK, she also did Loser, you know, that film with Jason Biggs in, the one soundtracked by Wheatus’s Teenage Dirtbag?


How’s that for a nostalgia trip?

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