London’s Full Of Riots, Says, Um…Michelle Rodriguez

She has been both fast and furious to comment about something that isn't actually going on at all...

London's Full Of Riots, Says, Um...Michelle Rodriguez

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Over the weekend, a few thousand (or a few hundred, if you believe the police’s version of events) people protested against the Tory government. Led by various left-wing protest groups, they chanted ‘Tory scum’ and threw smoke bombs and traffic cones when the police tried to contain them. One person, seemingly unaware that daubing paint on a war memorial would alert the sort of people who had never heard of until it gave them an opportunity to have a go at ‘the Left’, wrote ‘fuck Tory scum’ on a memorial to the women of World War Two.

The protest was dispersed, 15 arrests were made, the memorial cleaned up and, by the next day, there were un-marred tributes paid to war heroes as part of the 70th Anniversary of VE day. Other anti-Tory protests around the country subsided without a scuffle.

But that message didn’t make it to one Michelle Rodriguez, who has expressed her concern about London’s 2011 riots… now.

The actress Instagrammed a map of the riot locations along with this comment: ‘I wish for some Harmony… I really dislike the disconnect between the politics and common life…’

Well, yeah, so do we. But we also dislike the disconnect between brains and truth. Just for the record, there are no riots in London right now, but there will be an anti-austerity protest in June! As for Michelle being invited… well, we’ll see about that.

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