We Listen To Paris Hilton’s New Song So You Don’t Have To

Balearic house banger explains ‘my life can get so crazy’…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Paris Hilton’s new song is here, and in it she is: ‘Living the dream/Having fun.’ Come Alive is a simple camp house muzak track, heavy on the Autotune, with thudding pianos, a funky bassline and synths building up into several Tiësto-style drops. The track threatens to break out into full-on Calvin Harris jump-a-long EDM territory, but then relaxes and settles into a more chilled out mid-tempo tune. Something you could definitely sway to after a lot of drinks.

There’s also a drum-laden break-down, like she’s Bastille or Florence and the Machine or something. Come Alive is nothing on her 2006 reggae song, Stars Are Blind, but as much as it could be ridiculed there’s a lot to be said for Paris’s dedication to her multiple careers.

As she puts it in the song, ‘I know that nothing’s perfect/though I’ll give it a try’, and as her sister Nicky said in a recent interview with Grazia: ‘It was never an option to sit on my ass. I've always had to earn my own money. So many of the people I grew up with are utterly spoilt – it's such a turn-off.’

Plus, have you seen this video of Paris Hilton playing to hundreds of fans at Amnesia at her Ibiza residencey? It’s little wonder international clubbers are keen on her and her simple catchy lyricism…

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