Lindsay Lohan Has Part Of Her Finger Sewn Back On After Accident. Just In Time For #MeanGirlsDay

Lindsay Lohan will, very thankfully, celebrate #MeanGirlsDay with a full set of carpal-ly complete digits.

Lindsay Lohan Has Part Of Her Finger Sewn Back On After Accident. Just In Time For #MeanGirlsDay

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In amidst all the furor about Kim Kardashian you might have missed the fact that another celebrity had quite the ordeal over the weekend.

Lindsay Lohan, who has been in Turkey visiting Syrian refugees over the past week, took some time out this weekend to relax on a boat. As is Lindsay's way, she got stuck in to help. By trying to raise the anchor.

This is when disaster struck. She got caught in the machinery and was pulled down into the water. As she untangled herself the tip of her finger was sliced off. TMZ reports that her friends, who sound like good people to have around, went looking for the tip, found it on the deck and took it, and Lindsay to hospital where a plastic surgeon was able to reattach it.

The pictures, if you're not squeamish, are gruesome AF.

She later posted a video on Snapchat showing she was all OK.

'This is the result of me trying to help anchor the boat by myself.' She says, and laughs or maybe cries. 'My poor finger!'

LUCKILY she's feeling better today because... obviously, is one of the most important days in Lindsay's calendar year. It's Mean Girls day!

Don't worry though. She knows.

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