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Royalty Hightower

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One is the daughter of super-star Johnny Depp (yep, we’re looking at you, Lily-Rose), another a 10-year-old sensation named Royalty Hightower. Together, these girls – along with five other amazing new stars – were making serious waves at the Sundance Film Festival last week.

Uber-talented with a series of soon-to-be hit films, this is the new generation of actresses making their mark on Hollywood...

Lily Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp
Lily-Rose Depp ©Rex

**Film: ** Horror/comedy Yoga Hosers, co-starring Dad.

**Previous projects: ** A Scene In Tusk, the prequel.

Need to know: The 16-year-old has modelled for Chanel, has over 1.3m Instagram followers, is BFFs with Stella Maxwell and has spoken of her fluid sexuality.

**We say: ** With Johnny and Vanessa as parents, fame was predestined.

Royalty Hightower

Royalty Hightower
Royalty Hightower ©Getty

**Film: ** The Fits – Royalty stars as an 11-year-old who joins a dance group, before being threatened by a mysterious illness.

Previous projects: None! This is Royalty’s debut.

**Need to know: ** Art is imitating life, as this 10-year-old has been in a real dance team in Ohio.

We say: Mesmerising, we can’t wait to see more.

Morgan Saylor

Morgan Saylor
Morgan Saylor ©Rex

**Film: ** In White Girl, Morgan, 21, plays a thrill-seeking student who is sucked into big-time cocaine dealing (the ‘white girl’ of the title) and violence in New York.

Previous projects: Teen Dana in Homeland.

**Need to know: ** She moved to LA for auditions at eight.

We say: She’s already been parodied on Saturday Night Live, so we can’t wait to see what’s next for Morgan.

Lilith Stangenberg

Lilith Stangenberg
Lilith Stangenberg ©Rex

Film: Wild is about a woman who becomes obsessed with a wolf.

Previous projects: Mainly films in her native Germany.

**Need to know: **The 27-year-old Sienna Miller-alike has an aura of mystery that has got critics excited.

**We say: **It’s refreshing to see an actress whose every move has not yet been catalogued on Instagram and Twitter.

Imogen Poots

Imogen Poots
Imogen Poots ©Rex

**Films: ** Frank & Lola, a love story, and Green Room, about a punk band trapped in a venue.

Previous projects:** She’s Funny That Way, 28 Weeks Later, That Awkward Moment – and more.

Need to know: Imogen, 26, wanted to be a vet, but fainted on her first day of work experience.

**We say: ** This is her year!

Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon
Sarah Gadon ©Rex

What: In Indignation, Sarah has an affair with a fellow college student.

Previous projects: *The Amazing Spiderman 2 * and The Dangerous Method, among others.

**Need to know: **Sarah, 28, is already famous in her native Canada, thanks to roles in Cosmopolis and Map To The Stars.

We say: Sarah’s made over 60 film and TV shows: it’s time the world saw what she’s made of.

Riley Keough

Riley Keough
Riley Keough ©Rex

Films: Riley, 26, stars in Lovesong, about friends on a roadtrip, and The Girlfriend Experience – all about a New York call girl.

Previous projects: Magic Mike, Mad Max: Fury Road, a short film named Madame Le Chat.

**Need to know: **Elvis Presley was Riley’s grandfather and she is married to a stuntman, Ben Smith-Petersen.

We say: Riley’s a FROW favourite – and ours too!

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