Lily Collins Reveals She Was Complimented On Weight Loss For Anorexic Role In ‘To The Bone’

Lily Collins

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Lily Collins latest role - which sees her playing a young woman with anorexia in Netflix film To The Bone - has already attracted plenty of online column inches, and understandably so.

The 28-year-old actress, who has admitted to suffering from eating disorders in the past, lost weight for the role, while the trailer - which features a scene of calorie counting - has been criticised for being potentially triggering to sufferers.

And now the star has shed more light on the societal pressures for young women to be slim, as she claims she was actually complimented by someone she knew about how much weight she had lost in a new interview with Net-A-Porter's online magazine, The Edit.

'I was leaving my apartment one day and someone I've known for a long time, my mom's age, said to me, "Oh, wow, look at you!"' the actress revealed to The Edit.

'I tried to explain [I had lost weight for a role about an anorexic] and she goes, "No! I want to know what you're doing, you look great!" I got into the car with my mom and said, "That is why the problem exists."'

Despite accusations of irresponsibility being levelled at the film, both Collins and writer Marti Noxon, another former eating disorder sufferer have defended the project.

Indeed, as Grazia contributor Helen O'Hara wrote in her piece 'Why 'To The Bone' Does Not Glamourise Anorexia': 'While Noxon’s script is very funny at times, it’s a dark humour that doesn’t make light of the underlying illness, and it comes from a place of knowledge. Collins too brings a sense of frustration and anger to Ellen; she’s not some tragic waif but a furious, capable woman who just can’t seem to figure her way out of this condition.'

Lily also revealed that it was difficult for her mother to watch the film, after seeing her daughter going through similar things.

'The first time [she saw the film] she was a bit in shock,' she explained. 'The second time I looked over at the end and she was sobbing; it really hit her hard… I never wanted her to feel responsible; she’s like my best friend. When she saw the movie, I think she recognised so much of me in Ellen.'

To The Bone is on Netflix on 14 July.

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