Lily Allen’s Got A New Song. We Repeat Lily Allen’s Got A New Song

And you can listen to it here…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Lily Allen has just phoned into Radio 1 (she's sunning it up in South Africa at the moment so couldn’t make an appearance in person) to introduce her new song to the world via the medium of Nick Grimshaw. (Who else?).

It’s called Air Balloon – and you can listen to it here.

In case you were busy showering or browsing Golden Globe pictures, here’s what else Lily had to say about her new track.

  • She’s filming the video for the song in South Africa, and promises that there will be zebras in it.

  • She'll also dance in it, even though she admits she's not the best dancer.

  • Lily knows the song will get some hate. Or, in her words: 'If you thought the Bear and Hare was annoying, you won't want to watch this'

  • It's got lots of handclaps in it, a bit like Katy Perry's Roar. And whilst it’s not quite as catchy, we bet it's a grower.

  • It's also sounds a lot like M.I.A.'s Paper Planes, not only because it’s also about airborne objects frequently featured in children’s books, but because there's a bit where she does a lot of 'nah's which sound like a lot like some of M.I.A'.s song, to the point where it seems like she’s maybe taking the mickey a bit.

  • She wanted to go all Beyonce and release Air Balloon as a total surprise but the BBC ruined it by putting up a listing for the track a few days ago. Her revenge? Purposefully spoiling the BBC's Sound of 2014 Poll winner announcement by tweeting 'Congrats to my cuz @samsmithworld for winning bbc sound of 2014 poll thingy. #fam' (they are actual third cousins, fyi!).

Shame. In an ideal world we'd all have a Beyonce moment. Every single day.

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