Let’s Take A Look At What’s In Store For Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult As They Move To Hampshire

Here's what we know about the little village in the Home Counties


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Hey, remember that time we told you that Jennifer Lawrence loves the UK so much that she spends weekends over here eating fish and chips and watching TOWIE? Well, it turns out that she loves Blighty so much she’s going to move here. Her and boyfriend Nicholas Hoult – who lives with his parents in Berkshire at the moment, well, when he’s not jetsetting across the world filming films – have supposedly viewed a £1.3m house in Hook, Hampshire, when they were in the UK after Christmas and apparently ‘they loved the house as soon as they saw it.’

'They know it’s not realistic at this point in their thriving careers to live in the UK, but they want a bolthole across the pond.’ A source (any bets it’s an estate agent?) told The Sun: ‘Jen loves the English way of life and as they are now serious again, it makes sense to look into buying somewhere.’

So, let’s have a look at what Jennifer and Nicholas can enjoy in jolly old Hook, should they happen to move there.

There's a cute little train station!


You can't go wrong with great transport links, and Hook really has them, with trains just over an hour from London. And look, the station has a little roof over the doorway in case it is raining!

There's a lovely hotel/pub


The White Hart is such a lovely pub that it serves something called a 'Combo To Share' For £10.95 you can get: 'Spiced chicken strips, duck spring rolls, onion rings, BBQ chicken wings, breaded mushrooms, cheesy garlic bread, potato wedges, tortilla chips with garlic mayonnaise and wild cannon BBQ sauce' which sounds like a really good deal to us.

There's a Tesco!


Unlike some mid-sized Tesco, the Tesco in Hook has a baby change facility. This will be perfect for when Nicholas and Jennifer have a baby and that baby messes itself in the sunflower oil aisle of the Teso.

There's a skate ramp!


Ok, so we've never seen Jennifer Lawrence on a skateboard but she's so laid-back and grool that she'd basically pick up skating within ten minutes and be doing somersault ollies and handflips and 180 ollie kicks or whatever skaters do on skateparks when they're not sparking up joints and comparing socks.

There's a Texaco!


And the best part is, at the back of the Texaco you can get your car MOT-ed while you wait. Perfect for those annual occasions when they'll need an MOT on their car.

There's a carpet shop!


When decorating their house, they might want to keep all the décor local. If so, they could do no better than to try out Hook Carpets!

There's a travel agent!


Just in case Jennifer and Nicholas want to get away from Hook for a while.

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