Leonardo DiCaprio’s Selfie Game Is Unrivalled

Can we have a Kim Kardashian-style book soon, Leo?

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He's one of the most photographed men in the world, but it's very rare that we see our number one boo boo Leonardo DiCaprio posting a selfie. Instead, his Instagram account is mostly filled with stock images of endangered species, pics of Leo meeting noted world leaders, and important quotes about global warming (from the likes of President Obama and Usher Raymond IV).

So, what could possibly persuade our main man to make use of his front facing phone camera and start posing? The pursuit of a better world, that's what.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscars, Academy Awards, The Revenant
Leonardo DiCaprio on the red carpet at the 2016 Academy Awards ©Getty Images

As part of his role as US Messenger of Peace (a beautiful job title for a beautiful man), Leo attended the UN's Paris Agreement talks in New York last week, where he made an impassioned speech about the need to tackle climate change head on.

Afterwards, he proved his commitment to the cause by taking this perfect selfie, which was later uploaded to the UN's Twitter account. Just take a moment to marvel at it...

Better yet are the photos of Leo before and after this beautiful moment. Selfie pioneer DiCaprio didn't need to use a selfie stick - instead, he opted for a very different photo aid indeed, which looks like Twitter's version of the Moschino Barbie mirror phone case.

Afterwards, he looked rightly impressed by his efforts. Does this mean we'll be getting a slew of DiCaprio selfies on his official Instagram account? It's not that we don't love the pictures with orangutans and elephants, but when you've seen the entire population of Tinder posing with the same, the effect gets slightly watered down...

The petition for Leo's attempt at a Kardashian-esque selfie book starts here. He could call it 'Selfless'...

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