Lena Dunham Took The ‘Which GIRL Are You?’ Test. And Got Marnie

It was in one of Buzzfeed's tests of course


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Though she plays the character of a struggling writer who lives in New York as she grows up and tries to make sense of the world post-graduation, which is basically what she experienced for a teensy bit before she wrote, directed and starred in _Tiny Furnitur_e and then Girls and basically became more successful than Hannah Horvath could ever dream of being, Lena Dunham is not the character she plays in the show. She's actually said this loads, most notably in that interview with Channel 4's Jon Snow where she says: 'Hannah's character is very close to me in certain ways and less in others.'

But now she's got concrete proof she's not Hannah. Because when Lena took Buzzfeed's 'Which Girls character are you?' test, she got Marnie. Which sort of makes sense: Marnie is really ambitious and erudite and neat and tidy and we think Lena's got to have a bit of that to have done so well. Especially when you look at how erratic Hannah's been acting in series 3.

Oh, and just FYI Buzzfeed, four of The Debrief staff have done the test, with entirely different answers, and we've all got Charlie? Two other staff got Elijah, both with completely different results. What gives?

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