Lauren Sanchez And Jeff Bezos: All The Best Memes From That Shoot

The $161.3 billion cover star you didn't know you needed!

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez

by Nikki Peach |
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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and fiancé Lauren Sanchez seem to have scored an own goal with their Christmas cover shoot for Vogue magazine. They're giving Brokeback Mountain meets Back to the Future erotica and it's potentially the least relatable interview of all time. Like clockwork, the internet has torn them to shreds.

It's been branded 'cringe', 'uncomfortable' and they've been told they look like a 'parody generated by AI'. It's probably not what Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez – who have been dating since 2019 and got engaged earlier this year – or the Vogue editors had in mind.

Not only that, but the cover story promises to discuss 'family' and 'philanthropy' as the couple are pictured soaring across their 'sprawling West Texas ranch' in a helicopter. One comment on the Vogue post, which has received upwards of 600 likes, says 'people are starving, living in their cars, the economy is sh*t, a bag of groceries is $100, there are major wars in at least two regions of the world. [...] Yes Vogue give it to us!!!'

I wonder, is now the time to put the world's third richest man on the cover of Vogue? Possibly not. As far as festive shoots go, this one has gone down like a led balloon. But at least it's provided us with some excellent memes.

All the best Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos memes

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