Luna Lovegood From Harry Potter Is Going Out With Harry’s Dad IRL. OMFG.

There's a new Harry Potter cast couple and it involves Luna Lovegood and we want them to get married immediately.

The Latest Harry Potter IRL Couple Is Our Fave Harry Potter IRL Couple

by Stevie Martin |
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Stop everything, Potter fans, because Luna Lovegood is going out with Harry's Dad In A Flashback. Yep, in a love that literally transcends time, Robbie Jarvis (James Potter in the flashbacks to when James Potter was at Hogwarts and, y'know, alive) and Evanna Lynch are rumoured to be going out. And by 'rumoured', we mean 'it's all over their instagram'.

Behold, ladies and gentlemen of the jury: the following evidence.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Yep, they're a thing. ACCIO ALL THE FEELS (sorry, had to be done)

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