Lady Gaga Got Engaged, Just Like Everyone Else This Valentine’s Day

Is this the end of Gaga as we know her?


by Sophie Wilkinson |

Lady Gaga has got engaged to her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney, using Instagram to announce the good news. Under a close-up photo of them holding hands (her left is on display so you can see the whopper of a heart-shaped ring he’s put on it) she added the caption: ‘He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!’

If you’re not over the age of 25, you might not get just how everyday and normal it is for Lady Gaga to get engaged. But for those technically in their late-twenties, who are fielding calls and Facebook statuses of mates – close and distant – who’re now officially going to tie the knot, you’ll get just how normcore Gaga’s gone.

Of course, it’s happy news for her, but this news is a real departure from what she used to be, prior to becoming Tony Bennett’s duo partner. Remember the old Gaga, a woman who wore meat dresses, was threatened with arrest and a fine for promoting ‘homosexual propaganda’ in Russia, who got a woman to hump and vomit on her with paint and said stuff like: ‘If I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina’?

That same woman is marrying the cookie-cutter fit bloke who was in The Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire. Could this be the end of her bizarreness? Remember how weird and cool Angelina Jolie used to be before she got married to Brad Pitt? Obviously she’s disproved that and has come full circle to be really cool again, with all that humanitarian work, which is, sadly, quite revolutionary.

But with Lady Gaga going down the traditional route of marriage, she’s going to have to battle hard against the media to not be painted as a traditional homebody. Is she going to redefine what marriage is – True Blood actress Anna Paquin’s also bisexual and had to go to great lengths to explain that she can marry a man and still be bisexual – or just tow the traditional line with it?

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