Lady Gaga Defends Justin Bieber – Says He Is Sweet. OK.

Looks like Justin Bieber has made a new friend: Lady Gaga...

Lady Gaga Defends Justin Bieber - Says He Is Sweet. OK.

by Stevie Martin |

Justin Bieber is known for many things. Weeing into buckets, for example. Egging houses. Sizzurp. Being ‘really sweet’ isn’t one of those things.

But after meeting JB at this year’s Met Ball, and chatting to him while co-hosting Simon Hammerstein’s Queen Of The Night, Lady Gaga has posted a pic to Instagram of the pair. And captioned it with a little something for the Beliebers.

‘He really has a sweetness to him. He grew up in front of the whole world,’ she wrote. ‘I reminded him to not get bothered. Because at the end of the day. He’s the boss.’

She added: ‘And life isn’t always Roses. Lots of thorns.’

Bieber also put up the selfie (both of them flagrantly flouting the ‘no selfie’ rule here, but they’re both so famous rules don’t really apply anymore) captioning it ‘me and the queen’, which is nice.

It’s also fair to say that, while Biebs has done his fair share of truly embarrassing shit, he’s at least going some way to try and turn that around. Whether it’s good PR, or from the Biebs-heart remains to be seen.

‘I hope people felt the sincerity in my apologies,’ he recently told _Hero m_agazine. ‘There are a lot of things that have happened in the last couple years that I’m not very proud of, and I feel a responsibility to my fans and to the public who believe in me, to make it right. I hope everyone believed it– because it was honest.’

Jury’s still out, mate, but we’re glad you made a new Gaga-shaped friend.

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