Lady Gaga Rocks Bleached Brows For One Of Her Riskiest Looks Yet

In 2016, the popstar admitted to bleaching her brows every single day - but we haven't seen them blonde for a while.

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Apart from being one of the most pioneering popstars ever, Lady Gaga is famous for her experimental style. She has worn a dress made of raw meat, often wears the highest platform boots known to man, and regularly sports green, blue or pink hair. But her latest look is maybe her most daring yet. And it probably isn’t something we’d recommend trying at home.

In her latest Instagram snap, the singer is sporting a mint sweatshirt with dyed pink hair - but, wait a minute, she doesn’t have any eyebrows... They're bleached.

Of course, Gaga can pull off the bold look - but it’s quite a contrast to the angled dark brunette brow she usually wears.

It might be one of the first times we have spied Gaga with bleached brows, but if you're a Gaga fan, then you'll know that she’s actually been doing it for ages. Looking through her recent Instagram posts, she doesn’t seem to have any brows in a photo she posted with her new boyfriend Michael Polanksy{ =nofollow}. But go further back, and you'll remember there are numerous photos of her rocking the risky brow back in 2015/16.

In fact, in an interview with Vogue, the popstar admitted that she bleaches her eyebrows every single day. (Can you imagine the effort?!) ‘I bleach my eyebrows every day — I like to keep them light,’ she told the magazine, explaining her unusual beauty regime. ‘They're more versatile for a beauty look. You can draw [your eyebrows] any way you want when they're bleached.’

While we respect Gaga’s commitment to her (amazing) brows, it probably isn’t something we’ll be doing in the bathroom at home - we’ll just stick to the Tweezers for now.

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