Kylie Wants To Trademark Her Name. Other Kylie Not Happy.

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Kylie Wants To Trademark Her Name. Other Kylie Not Happy.

by Chemmie Squier |
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hich Kylie did you think of when I said that? Was it Kylie Minogue, star of Neighbours, ex-lover to Jason and internationally renowned musical artist? Or was it Kylie Jenner, Kardashian clan member, into lips and big Snapchat user?

Because it turns out that Kylie Jenner has filed an application to trade mark her first name to ‘entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment, fashion and pop culture', according to TMZ. Whilst sister Kendall Jenner is trying to do the same with 'Kendall'.

Naturally, Minogue isn't happy about this and her legal team have filed ‘opposition to the application’ arguing that it would cause confusion for Minogue fans and dilute her own brand, if this trademark was passed. They're also said to have described Jenner as a ‘secondary reality television personality’ compare to Minogue who is ‘an “internationally renowned performing artist, humanitarian, and breast cancer activist”' Minogue already trademarked ‘Kylie Minogue', 'Kylie Minogue Darling' (her perfume) and 'Lucky — the Kylie Minogue musical'

For me, despite spending a large part of my morning/day/entire life discussing Kylie Jenner, it's still Ms Minogue that I think of first if someone mentions 'Kylie'. My 17 year old brother, would you believe, said the same. In fact, the majority of people I asked said Minogue, scientifically proving (basically) that she is, at least for now, at the forefront of our minds when 'Kylie' comes up.

Apparently the trademarking process follows that any party who thinks they may be damaged by a trademark registration has 30 days to file a complaint which will then be reviewed by the 'Trademark Trial and Appeal Board'. So now we wait...

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