Kylie Jenner Thinks The New Snapchat Filter Is Making Fun Of Her

Kylie's famous pout is now a Snapchat muse

Kylie Jenner Thinks The New Snapchat Filter Is Making Fun Of Her

by Alyss Bowen |
Published on

Kylie Jenner’s favourite app, Snatchat got a new filter and it might just be aimed at her. The new filter, which makes your lips super full and juicy, appears to be a dig at the snapchat queen’s ever-growing pout.

And Kylie kinda figured it out, awkward. While using the app she posted a story of herself with the filter asking ‘are you making fun of me, snapchat?’ Poor Kyles. She seems to like the filter though, having gone on to post three more snaps with it. You’re a Snapchat muse now Kylie babes, own it.

Naturally we had to test it out at Debrief HQ, not because we want to make fun or anything…mainly to see if we could rock a Kylie pout – we're feeling it, but only temporarily.


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