Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Surrogate Is In Labour

It's a boy! And they're waiting to meet him at the hospital

Kim Kardashian Kanye West surrogate

by Annie Simon |

It's been a busy week for Kim Kardashian, after attending the Met Gala in a heavily corseted Sofia Loren inspired dress with husband Kanye West, the family have confirmed that the surrogate carrying their fourth child is in labour.

The baby is a boy, and the couple are reportedly at the hospital waiting for the imminent arrival.

Kourtney Kardashian broke the news on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she appeared as a guest with her children, Kim and Kanye's children, and Kris Jenner - who hadn't heard the news yet. Kim was scheduled to appear on the show, but went to the hospital to meet her new arrival instead.

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15th January 2013
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Kim wore this pretty Stella McCartney two-piece early in her pregnancy, the peplum top perfectly covering her mini bump. We loved the slick of power pop lippy and simple nude heels.

17th January 2013
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Klassic Kim! The star looked sleek at LAX airport wearing a chic trench over all-black.

24th February 2013
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At Elton John's Oscars bash Kim upped the glam in a Donna Karan white gown with vampy lips and a fur stole.

7th April 2013
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Kim got a lot of stick for this preggo look but we liked it. The bright coral and loose shape is perf for summery bump-stylin'.

13th April 2013
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Kim looked radiant at her perfume launch, rocking rouge Valentino with matchy lips and court shoes. That's North in there!

22nd April 2013
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Loose styles with good tailoring in luxe fabrics worked way better for Kim's pregnancy bod than bodycon stretchy. This coat dress looked super elegant.

Way back in January 2018, the internet was ablaze with rumours that Kylie Jenner was actually Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's surrogate, before she gave birth to baby Stormi.

Here's our report from January 2018.

Since the start of the (still annoyingly unconfirmed) Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumours way back when in September, fans have been feeding off the secrecy and mystery behind Kylie’s new low-key lifestyle and lack of social media presence. Especially in light of the knowledge that Kim and Kanye were expecting a baby via an unnamed surrogate mother. Why oh why is it all being kept so hush hush?? So, when Kylie supposedly went into labour on Sunday, and the latest Kardashion-West baby was born via surrogate on Monday…well, let’s just say the conspiracy theorists among us went wild.

Was Kylie actually Kim’s surrogate this entire time?

Let’s put our investigative hats on and review the evidence here.

In June, we discovered that Kim was expecting a third child using a surrogate mother, since complications during her pregnancy with North meant that it would be life threatening for her to carry a child again. In September, the Kylie pregnancy rumours hit us. With people speculating that the 20-year-old was expecting a child with her boyfriend Travis Scott.

And that was enough to start off speculation that Kylie was in fact the K-W surrogate.

But since then, fans having been scouring KUWTK and social media for any kind of clues on the mystery and here’s what they found.

For one, Kylie seems to be chilling at home a lot more and attending far fewer glam parties. Also, the star began uncharacteristically swathing her famous curves in baggy oversized hoodies- hiding a baby bump??

Next, her insta, which normally features steamy selfies inc. her toned abs, not only goes a little quiet, but the pics she posts are either throwbacks or tight crops of her perfectly contoured face.

For the big KUWTK announcement of Khloe’s pregnancy, Kylie was notably absent. What could have possibly kept her away that was more important than her sister’s baby news? Anyway, she didn’t make an appearance and only Facetimed in (from the shoulders up), fuelling the rumours that she’s just hiding her pregnancy bod.

Next there’s the old KUWTK convo that Kim and Khloe had about surrogacy, with Kim saying she’d prefer a surrogate to be her sister. And since Khloe’s expecting her own child, Kendall’s a model, and Kourtney’s had quite a few kids of her own, has Kylie stepped up for the sake of her sister?

And finally, all the events of the weekend, starting with rumours that Kylie has gone into labour at an LA hospital (with screenshots from staff who totally broke patient confidentiality, which may or may not be legitimate). There was even a snapchat from Kylie’s boyfriend Travis Scott with the caption, ‘Make it home to ya one way or another’, sparking speculation that he was rushing home for the birth.

Later, the labour rumours are denied….and Kim announces that her surrogate has given birth to a baby girl. We’ve got to admit, that’s pretty coincidental, and fans are convinced that Kylie’s going to come out of hiding anytime now and act like nothing’s happened because her (Kim’s) baby has already been born.

Are you convinced yet?

TMZ thinks they’ve busted the conspiracy since they claim Kylie did not check into Cedars-Sinai hospital in LA (where all the other Kardashian sisters have given birth), isn’t even due this month, and was also apparently spotted out shopping in a pharmacy when the supposed labour was occurring.

But come on now, is that CVS picture even Kylie? I’m not convinced. It could be a lookalike. It could be a decoy (gasp conspiracy).

All I’m saying is that there are a lot of coincidences going on in the Kardashian world right now- some would say, too many- and until Kylie herself decides to step in and clear things up, I’m not ruling out any theories.

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