Kylie Jenner Ends Snapchat With One Tweet

RIP Snapchat - maybe reverse your update?

Kylie Jenner Ends Snapchat With One Tweet

by Sorcha Hornett |
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Snapchat may have just lost their most influential user as Kylie Jenner tweeted about how she doesn’t even open the app anymore.

Kylie recently returned to all forms of social media after the birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster, but there is one she hasn’t – Snapchat. Despite being the so-called queen of the app, the new update has made her, and fans, hate using it. There was an uproar on twitter when the app first updated, it was impossible to find anything and hard to use, where’s the fun in that?

Kylie tweeted about about her lack of usage calling it “so sad” but that it was still her “first love”.

Snapchat has had problems retaining "influencers" in the past, this is because they have felt supported by other platforms, like Instagram, which has Instagram Stories. Have they just lost another one?

This comes after she tweeted earlier in the month about the new update, and how she didn’t know how she felt about it.

There was a petition for Snapchat to reverse its update which gained 1.2 million signatures. Snapchat were then forced to respond and sadly said that the new design isn’t going anywhere (boo).

This is a bit of a kick in the face for Snapchat as Jenner boasts 24.5 million followers just on Twitter. The two have also collaborated together and teamed up last year to broadcast exclusive video content and sneak peaks of her personal life.

Kylie may also be too busy with her new baby to enjoy Snapchat anyway, as when tweeting about Snapchat she also gave us an update on how Stormi was doing

Don't worry Kylie, there's always Instagram Stories.

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