Kylie Jenner Talks Tyga Engagement Rumours And ‘Dethroning’ Kim

Kylie Jenner Clears Up Engagement Rumours And Talks 'Dethroning' Sister Kim


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Earlier this week rumours that Kylie Jenner was engaged to boyfriend Tyga came from nowhere, sending fans into a frenzy. But she's now put the world to rights, with a little help from sister Kim Karsdashian.

Kylie opened up in a video posted to her new website, entitled 'In Bed With Kim + Kylie', in which she invites Kim to ask her 'candid things'.

Kim starts by calling Kylie out on the engagement rumours which started when Tyga called her his fiancée in a Snapchat video posted earlier this week. The video posted from the Kylizzle account showed the pair embracing before Tyga speaks into the camera saying: 'I don't f** with nobody. I f** with nobody. It's just me, my fiancée [and] this lil' dog I just got. I f** with nobody.'

Not the most romantic engagement announcement ever - and luckily, Kylie explains it was all just a part of a private joke, and nothing to do with a genuine engagement between the pair.

Broaching the rumours, Kim asks: 'Can I really ask you candid things?'

'If they're not crazy. I trust you,' Kylie replies.

Kim then says: 'Well, it might be crazy - it's about rumours about you online... Why did Tyga call you his fiancée? I've been dying to know.'

Kylie then divulges: 'So, he was making fun of an instagram that he posted like 30 minutes before. There was this guy on Instagram. He found this funny little video... this guy doing an interview.' Changing the tone of her voice, then then mimicks the video, saying: 'And he's like, "I don't like nobody. I just play with my fiancée and my little dog." So he was making fun of it.'

So, that's that rumour put to bed.

But there's more to clear up, as later on, Kim also questions Kylie about how she's 'dethroned' her. Kim's question refers to the fact that Kylie's new app beat hers to the iTunes top spot, causing people to suggest Kylie was the new trailblazer of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

'How do you feel that you've dethroned me?'

'I don't think I've dethroned you,' Kylie answers.

But of course, it all seems in jest, as Kim replies: 'I pass on the baton to you. Who better to pass the knowledge to my baby sister?'

Earlier we wrote...

Rumours are circulating that Tyga and Kylie Jenner are engaged thanks to a Snapchat message Kylie posted of Tyga on Wednesday.

The Kylizzle Snapchat account reportedly posted a video of the rapper calling Kylie his "fiancée" and saying he was committed to her.

"I don't f*** with nobody, it's just me, my fiancée, this lil' dog I just got" he said in the clip.

But before you start imaging what Kylie would wear on her wedding day (would she keep the slime green hair? Will she get married in a white cut-out swimsuit?), or what the ring would look like (our prediction: big and blingy), there's a strong chance the video is not a declaration of love - more Tyga being playful.

TMZ reports that Tyga posted a similar video earlier in the day of an interview with the rapper Logic saying a very similar phrase on his own account.

Neither Kylie or Tyga have responded to the rumours, so it sounds like the couple are just dating for the moment.

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