Kylie Jenner And Blac Chyna Are ‘BFFs’ And Did A Faceswap. Hang on. What?


Kylie Jenner And Blac Chyna Are 'BFFs' And Did A Faceswap. Hang on. What?

by Alyss Bowen |
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Well well well, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna basically fooled the whole wide world into thinking they hated each others guts, when in reality they’re ‘best friends.’

Revealing their supposedly long-term friendship on Kylie’s Snapchat with a standard Jenner mirror shot (she’s a BIG fan of a mirror shot) captioned ‘When we’ve been best friends the whole time..’ Is anyone else weirded out by this whole concept, it can't be real. Nope, not buying it. They even did a face swap and they look scarily similar. Like so similar Blac Chyna might even be a secret Kardashian and maybe Rob isn’t really marrying her. Maybe it’s just all an elaborate lie to cover it all up. The plot thickens.

Blac Chyna posted the picture with her own caption: ‘Hanging out with my lil sis.’ So you know, just saying…perhaps the whole Kardashian family are posting it right in front of our faces and it’s so painfully obvious we’ve become blind to it. I don’t even know what’s real or what’s going on anymore. What is Kardashian life?

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