Kylie Jenner Did The One Thing Other Celebrities Always Say No To

She actually accepted a prom-posal

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by Lucy Morris |

It’s prom season in the US, and that can only mean one thing: desperate teens asking celebrities to be their dates. Every year high school kids take to Twitter, to YouTube, to old school pen and paper to ask their famous crushes to attend this right-of-passage event with them. But, by and large, they all say no. Rihanna, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber…the list goes on…they’ve all said no to the pleading invites. But, there is one prominent person who showed this past weekend that they weren’t too starry for a school dance.

On Saturday night Junior High School student Albert Ochoa made Rio Americano High School’s junior prom one for the history books. Ochoa scored his famous date after he was rejected by a girl at his school. But, don't break out the miniature violins just yet as he ended up attending with Kylie Jenner.

The 19-year-old who’s rumoured to be newly single crashed the school dance with her MVP Jordyn Woods. Obviously, Albert’s classmates went wild tweeting and snapping at a riotous rate as they chronicled the evening.

As the social media star was home-schooled from 9th grade on she had never experienced a night dancing to bad pop in a school gymnasium. We're happy she finally enjoyed this rite of passage.

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